We accompany our clients wherever they choose to go Our Middle East Africa clients, whether multinational corporations or large domestic companies, no longer wish to search solely for specific skills and expertise; they also want candidates with experience in intercultural management.
Since 2006, Elzéar MidEast Africa has been building a network of talent made up of natives, expatriates and members of the diaspora who are culturally aware and open to Africa and the Middle East.

We have acquired valuable knowledge about compensation levels, competency assessment tools and adaptability in the different regions and countries covered.

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Depuis sa création en 2006, le cabinet de recrutement par approche directe Elzéar conduit des recherches pour des postes basés en Afrique et au Moyen-Orient. Qu’il s’agisse de candidats expatriés, locaux ou ressortissants de pays-tiers, la question de l’aptitude au management interculturel des hommes ou du business est au cœur du succès de ces recrutements.


Elzéar MidEast Africa est né de la rencontre de deux convictions : Since 2006, Elzéar has regularly conducted executive searches for major players in the Middle East and Africa, including multinational corporations and large domestic companies.

Elzéar MidEast Africa appartient au groupe Elzéar Executive Search, dont l’ensemble des équipes se tient à votre service :

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Elzéar MidEast Africa helps the subsidiaries of multinational corporations and large domestic companies to identify and recruit talent within diaspora groups and expatriate communities.

Since 2006, we have built extensive recruitment experience in Africa and the Middle East, gaining in-depth knowledge about the compensation levels, adaptability and management skills required in a cross-cultural environment.
We are equally at ease working in French, English and Arabic.

Our expertise covers a broad spectrum of business sectors including :

  • Construction, Energy, oil, gas and natural resources
  • Luxury and retail
  • Agribusiness
  • Transportation
  • IT and communications
  • Financial services, banking and insurance
  • Consumer goods and distribution
  • Leisure, tourism and hospitality
  • Services


Elzéar MidEast Africa relies on Elzéar Executive Search best practices to identify and assess local talent and expatriates in the Middle East and Africa as well as members of the diaspora. Using this process, our firm is able to provide an applicant shortlist within four to six weeks. Throughout the search, weekly progress reports are sent to our clients.
Detailed analysis with the client of its sectorial and cultural context, of its organization; willingness to know the client beyond the information easily accessible to all.Detailed analysis with the client of its sectorial and cultural context, of its organization; willingness to know the client beyond the information easily accessible to all.
Complete review of the position to be filled and of the ideal candidate’s profile, creation of search guidelines.
Mapping of organizations most likely to offer the best candidates
Methodical, confidential contact with potential candidates or with contacts able to point us to the best candidates.
Assessment interviews with identified candidates that go beyond professional skills to focus on the finer details and soft skills.
Creation of candidate files based on due diligence and referrals; assistance during the final negotiation phase.
Coordination of candidate interviews with the client's various contacts, taking professional references from the finalists.
Support and follow-up of the candidate’s integration and development during their first year on the job.


Since 2006, Elzéar MidEast Africa has deployed its knowledge and expertise in direct approach recruitment throughout the Middle East and Africa.

Each of our consultants has personal experience which has enabled them to build and nurture close ties with the cultures of these regions.

Economic players in the Middle East and Africa, whether companies or candidates, are at the core of major financial, technical and political issues.

Our ability to thoroughly search for suitable candidates, combined with candidates’ historically strong culture of inter-regional mobility, have always driven our endeavors and success with key players in emerging and gulf countries.

We have achieved our excellent track record thanks to a deep understanding of the DNA of both our clients and their ideal candidate profiles.
Our approach is inspired by the core values promoted in Jean Giono’s “ The Man Who Planted Trees ”. Humility, attention to detail, determination and commitment to long-term relationships are as crucial to our firm as entrepreneurship, business agility and a results-oriented culture. This mindset enables us to uncover rare gems and earn the trust of highly sought-after candidates.

Elzéar MidEast Africa has a genuine interest in Africa and the Middle East and their economies, cultures and history. This interest fuels our ability to spot top talent for our clients from local and expatriate communities as well as the diaspora.

Highly qualified candidates who are able to rise to challenges in a complex multicultural environment are hard to find. Elzéar MidEast Africa uncovers those rare gems and, together with them, helps to write its clients’ success stories.


Since 2006, Elzéar MidEast Africa has successfully placed a number of candidates in the region:
North Africa
  • Deputy CEO, Morocco / Secure logistics leader
  • Directeur des Ressources Humaines, Égypte / Leader mondial de la production de ciment
  • Chief Financial Officer, Morocco / Large European company specializing in tourism
  • Responsable pays, Maroc / Leader mondial des solutions technologiques intégrées pour les entreprises utilisatrices de cuir ou textile
  • Sales Manager, North Africa / Railway parts manufacturer
West and Central Africa
  • Commercial Engineer, West Africa / Supplier of industrial equipment
  • Project Manager, Burkina Faso / Telecommunications company
  • Branch Manager, Central African Republic / World’s second largest player in concessions and construction
  • Director of Operations, Ghana / Agribusiness, social and solidarity economy
  • B2B Sales Manager, Nigeria / Perfume and fragrance sector
  • Deputy CEO, Cameroon, Director of Operations and Head of Purchasing and Logistics, Ivory Coast / Leading fruit producer in Africa
  • Technical Director, Cameroon / Rail operating company
  • Chief Financial Officer, Congo / Top French media and audiovisual holding company
East and South Africa
  • Commercial Director, Angola / Retailing and services leader in Africa and Overseas France
  • Sales, Africa / Supplier of industrial equipment
  • Country Sales Manager, Africa / Rail operating company
  • Consulting in Human Resources, Africa / Subsidiary of a French multinational
  • Directeur Général, Madagascar / Leader dans les énergies renouvelables (photovoltaïques)
French Overseas Departments and Territories
  • Managing Director, New Caledonia / Banking sector
  • Commercial Director, Martinique / Water industry
  • Management Control Director, Guadeloupe / Specialized distribution
  • Branch Director (construction), Réunion / Major construction company
  • Branch Manager, Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon / Banking sector
  • Directeur Commercial, Martinique / Distribution
  • Directeur Régional, Guadeloupe / Distribution
Middle East
  • Production Manager, Lebanon / Global leader in cement manufacturing
  • Chief Human Resources Officer, Qatar / World’s second largest player in concessions and construction
  • Assistant Manager - Watch Division, United Arab Emirates / Regional luxury business pioneer