Executive Search Firm specializing in the Africa, Middle East and Overseas markets


In an often tense market…

  • Rarity of the profile
  • Competition for talent
  • Confidentiality of the search
  • Very heterogeneous markets
  • Strong geographical specificities
Understanding the client’s project and needs
  • 01

    Listening / understanding the project

    We establish transparent, trust-based relationships with our clients, placing our initial focus on gaining a complete understanding of their project:

    • What challenges is their brand or product currently facing?
    • What type of wines do they wish to obtain?
    • What resources are available to them, in which winegrowing areas?
    • What is the overarching business project?
  • 02

    Identifying the requirements

    Our knowledge of the candidate market and our compensation studies give our clients an idea of where they stand on the market. It also allows us to guide them in drafting job descriptions and the associated specifications.

  • 03

    Our approach

    For each executive search, we identify and make direct contact with the candidates whose profiles match the job description. Our global network of winemakers is an excellent recruiting ground and an invaluable source of contacts.

  • 04


    For each candidate search, our policy is to propose a shortlist within six weeks. Throughout the process, we provide a weekly progress report to our clients.

  • 05

    Final decision and follow-up

    We provide assistance to our clients in making their final hiring decision and negotiating the new employment contract.

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